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Parliamentary Inquiry Encourages Using Will to Give to Charity

A Parliamentary Inquiry has encouraged solicitors to tell their clients they can support charities by leaving a legacy in their will.

The Inquiry, co-chaired by David Blunkett, Andrew Percy and Baroness Tyler and supported by the Charities Aid Foundation, was created after research showed that fewer households were giving to charity.

The recently published final report, ‘Creating an Age of Giving’, goes on to suggest that will writers should provide information regarding how legacies actually operate and explain the taxation implications involved.

With only 6% of people currently making a bequest to charity and research carried out by the Cabinet Office’s Behavioural Insights Team showing that advising people – who are making a will – about the possibly leaving a legacy in favour of a charity trebled the number of people choosing to do so, it is evident why the above recommendations have been made.

The report explains: ‘One of the problems that accounts for relatively low levels of legacy giving is that at present two-thirds of adults do not have a will, and this is particularly true amongst the under-50s. Action must be taken to encourage more people to write a will, and it is this will writing process that needs to be used to encourage greater legacy giving.’

The publication, Creating an Age of Giving, is available at

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