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McCarthy Law

How would you describe your experience of the firm McCarthy Law?

All advice and communications were to a very high professional standard and I would not hesitate to recommend the company to colleagues or friends.

Did we explain the legal process to you in straightforward language? Did you understand the process?

The legal process was thoroughly explained using ‘plain English’ where appropriate and I felt that there was a genuine wish to ensure full understanding before progressing.

Were costs/charges explained well?

Any applicable charges were clearly detailed up front and prior to incurring any costs.

Did we make the legal process easier for you?

In what was perhaps a slightly unusual situation, the legal implications of various approaches was fully discussed and clarified to ensure that the most appropriate route was adopted.

Could we have done anything differently to make your experience easier?

From the original discussion to the final agreement, the process was very well managed and clearly defined; I could not have been supported more.

Would you recommend us to our friends and family?

Without hesitation, I would recommend the practice to friends, family or colleagues.

How would you mark us out of 10?

My default position is to provide an eight out of ten for a particularly high level of service but on this occasion, I think a nine is warranted.

Would you use the firm again?

Should I have the need, I would immediately return to use McCarthy Law.

Please feel free to point any aspect of the service you didn’t like. This helps us enormously in our future planning.

All aspects of the service provided were carried out with a high degree of professionalism. The process was clearly laid out at the beginning, costs were agreed up front and deadlines were adhered to. In addition, I felt that the advice given was practical, clear and pragmatic with a level of empathy which provided a high degree of comfort for what was a difficult situation.