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McCarthy Law

How would you describe your experience of the firm McCarthy Law?

In one word, Simple. From start to finish everything has been plain sailing from the initial consultation right through to the resolution of my issue the experience went from being potentially daunting to a piece of cake.

Did we explain the legal process to you in straightforward language? Did you understand the process?

Yes, everything was made understandable and all the jargon that was used on the official documents was broken down and explained in normal day to day terms.

Were costs/charges explained well?

Yes, the costs were made very clear on day one and the payment plan was also implemented very early on and that never changed throughout.

Did we make the legal process easier for you?

Mccarthy law couldn’t have made the process any easier for me.

Could we have done anything differently to make your experience easier?

Not as far as im concerned, no.

Would you recommend us to our friends and family?

I hope never to have to recommend a solicitors to anyone however, if that conversation ever came about then yes I would highly recommend Mccarthy law.

How would you mark us out of 10?


Would you use the firm again?