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McCarthy Law


How would you describe your experience of the firm McCarthy Law?

I thought you were very friendly and informative. Everything was explained very well and I understood every part of the process. I thought you all did a fantastic job and made a difficult time much less stressful. It was brilliant that you arranged a local solicitor for signing papers too!

Did we explain the legal process to you in straightforward language? Did you understand the process?

Yes, Kathleen explained everything in a very straightforward manner which was excellent.

Were costs/charges explained well?

Yes, all costs were explained and nothing was left out.

Did we make the legal process easier for you?

Yes, without a doubt. I was clueless on what to do or where to go. Kathleen put my mind at ease every time I contacted her.

Could we have done anything differently to make your experience easier?

No, not at all.

Would you recommend us to our friends and family?

Yes, without a doubt I would recommend you to anyone – you did a fantastic job.

How would you mark us out of 10?


Would you use the firm again?

Yes, absolutely.