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Couples Warned About the Dangers of Social Media when Obtaining a Divorce

A number of divorce experts have warned couples about the danger of using social media, stating that couples who are going through a relationship breakdown should be careful about what is being posted online.

The warning about the dangers of social media comes from Consensus Collaboration Scotland, a network that promotes divorce and separation with minimum conflict. The group urges those who are going through a divorce to take a break from social media with the group warning that posts and activities on social media are becoming increasingly more common for break-ups. Posts on social media can contribute to marriage break-ups, and when going through a divorce, social posts could affect the financial and emotional outcome of the split.

Divorce Proceedings: Danger of Social Media

The warning comes after research showed that social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat and even Linkedin are resulting in some breakups and promoting distrust in marriages and relationships.

Member of Consensus Collaboration Scotland, Anne-Marie Douglas, said: “We would advise couples going through a divorce or separation to log out of all your profiles and take a break from social media activity while you go through the process.

“We appreciate that this isn’t always possible or practical. If you do continue to use social media websites and online chat apps while you’re getting divorced or separated, we would suggest caution, discretion and good judgement.”

She added: “Remember that everything you do online becomes part of your digital footprint – it’s like a public logbook of your life.

“For example, if you mention on Facebook what you’re going to do with a forthcoming bonus payment, or update your LinkedIn profile to include your great new job or post on Twitter about your expensive holiday plans, have you also disclosed it to your spouse and lawyer? Does what you’re saying to them tie up with what you’re saying online?”

Anne-Marie Douglas also warned that social media can be used as a time stamp which can affect outcomes of relationships and breakups and could be used as evidence against you when negotiating a settlement or any other aspect of divorce. Social media can often be an issue when one party pleads poverty in a divorce or when trying to gain child custody.

The group warned those who are going through a divorce should take a break from social media, even if they update their privacy status on their respected platform. As well as this they urged those to have common sense when tweeting and not say something they would not say again. They also placed attention of the fact that not every social media friend is a friend and that they can pass information to your former partner.

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